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Recording wind_data

A sharing session of Monica Zamudio | Thursday, 28 December 2017, 6-10pm | In respond to the nature of our surroundings, the controlled body, the access of information blurred by other ceremonies, and the instability of ground, Recording wind_data proposes a reflection on our way of listening affects our understanding of the environment and how we organize ourselves amidst the censored media. Through capturing sound or wind data, how can we relate to a specific scene? How our bodies are shaped ? How much distance reveals? Does sound brings intensity? A shape? How it can be collected? How it can be shared?


Public Library of / Perpustakaan Umum…

A Public Discussion on Self-organized Libraries | Sunday, 17 December 2017, 1.30-4 pm, at Jogja Library Center | In many countries the role of public libraries is changing. In the Netherlands many neighborhood libraries were recently closed due to budget cuts by a neo-liberal government – in Indonesia there has never been a substantial public library system. Self-organized libraries have filled some of these gaps. In what significant political moment(s) did they arise? What impact do libraries have on local communities? Can a library function as a public safe space that is open to different voices? Which tactics are deployed by self-organized libraries to encourage uncensored and unrestricted access to information?

Haunted Bookshelves

Sesi Rak Buku Berhantu (Haunted Bookshelf Session)

(Scroll for english version) Workshop bersama Read-in: Annette Krauss (seniman residensi KUNCI) dan Sanne Oorthuizen Senin, 9 Oktober 2017 Pk 15.00 – Pk 17.00 di Kunci Cultural Studies Center Sesi Rak Buku Berhantu…


What’s going on at Ongoing

Currently in the Indonesia—hosted by KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Nozomu Ogawa is doing research about alternative art initiatives and spaces in South East Asia. He will give a talk about Art Center Ongoing, an alternative art space he runs in Tokyo, and also like to know more about the way how we survive, as an alternative art initiatives, in Yogyakarta. So please come and join the discussion!

Andrea Solano drawing

Voyages Through Invisibles: Workshop with Andrea Solano

17th December 2015, 10.00 am at Pusat Studi Lingkungan  Sanata Dharma University In this workshop with Andrea Solano, artist from Bogotá, Colombia, we will learn on how to construct a site for meditative…


Locating the Discursive Formation of Art

Thinking In Critical Constellations endeavours to bring into focus on the thinking about art, and raises a fundamental question: how we think about what we are doing? Furthermore, how we can step out from our respective backyard to learn, to discuss, and to understand about the other land where the dynamics of critical dialogue arises as well as the self-reflecting process starts?


The Commons between Us: a Public Discussion and Online Zine Launch

(scroll down for English version) Rabu, 18 Juni 2014, dari jam 15.00 WIB-selesai di KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Jl. Ngadinegaran MJ3/100, Yogyakarta Gratis dan terbuka untuk umum KUNCI dan tur FCACheartsJogja mengundang anda…


Materialising Islam: Muslim Places in Urban Malaysia and Indonesia

Waktu: Kamis, 13 Maret 2004. Jam 4 sore- selesai di KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Jl. Ngadinegaran MJ3/100, Yogyakarta Gratis untuk publik KUNCI mengundang anda untuk hadir pada diskusi bersama Hew Wai Weng mengenai…


Nomadic Sound Machine: A Talk with Dylan Martorell

Nomadic Sound Machine: A Talk with Dylan Martorell Thrusday, 1 December 2011| 5 pm – end at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Jl Langenarjan Lor 17 B, Yogyakarta. [Geser ke bawah untuk teks versi…


Community Arts Incorporated: Koganecho Area Management Center Presentation

Koganecho Area Management Center Projects’ Presentation Friday, 25 November 2011| 5 pm – end at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Jl Langenarjan Lor 17 B, Panembahan Kraton, Yogyakarta. [Geser ke bawah untuk teks versi…


View, Copy, Modify: Talk With Simon Kentgens

View, Copy, Modify: Talk With Simon Kentgens Monday, November 14, 2011 · 4:00pm – 6:30pm at: KUNCI Cultural Studies Center Jl. Langenarjan Lor 17B, Panembahan, Kraton Yogyakarta [Geser ke bawah untuk teks versi…

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