Newsletter KUNCI #17

Picture-2 Newsletter KUNCI #17, August 2007, is a collaboration work of KUNCI (Indonesia), Kakiseni (Malaysia), and Pananaw (the Philippines) for the Magazine Project of Documenta 12. Sit Down and Talk (Adeline Ooi), Political Positions: Indonesian Fine Arts in the 1950s (Antariksa), Bukan Budaya Kita (Kathy Rowland), Chewing Asia (Nuraini Juliastuti), Philippine Art Across the Islands (Chris Rollo, Marilyn Canta, Estela Ocampo-Fernandez & Raymond L Fernandez), The Umur of Innocence (Ruhayat X), Kerja Imajinasi Arjun Appadurai (Ferdiansyah Thajib).

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