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Flanerie Archive: KITLV Reading Room

Objects are agents; they shape the way humans interact with their environment. Latour explores the idea of the human and the non-human mixing together from the starting point of a sign hanging on…

Running through the Rijksmuseum

Flanerie Archive: Running Yogyakarta

I am training for the Amsterdam marathon. Yes I am. Running is a learned skill; a kind of bodily language. Marathon running is one kind of running. And learning to do a marathon,…


Flanerie Archives: Muay Thai Gym Portrait

Nata Putra Muay Thai is at the rear of Nata Putra Hotel. The hotel is seemingly abandoned. Its car park is used for patrons who visit the nearby ATMs and fruit juice stall….

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Flanerie Archives: Footy-scape

Footy is geographical. Footy relates to space. A space that is personal, local and national. Footy¬† occupies the space of its consumer. One watches the game enshrouded by a crowd: swamped by the…

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Flanerie Archive: Kuncen Collection

by Andy Fuller The market is set back around 15 meters from the road. In front of it, there is a large space for a carpark, which on this afternoon is largely being…

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